The following project is a response to a brief by Blocket asking to increase the log-in ratio of their web experience.


12 interviewees and 15 testers were involved in the development of 3 new features addressing a business goal of increasing the log in ratio of the website.

"On an extremely tight schedule, the students exceeded our expectations"

Nils Kernel

Growth Manager, Blocket

Old User Journey                            New User Journey

Open ended

The traditional blocket website user journey is open ended and short lived. Doesn't incentivise user to log in and stay there.


With the added feature of a community and stored value we incentivize the users to come back, and closing the user journey loop making it circular.

The process

             From brief to 3 new web features

The Process

  The Brief


   Mapping the ideas




Briefed by blocket

Increase the ratio of users that are logged in to from 60-80%

Revised by us

How might we create value for the users logged-in experience of

Ideation Techniques

Inverting clichés

We were inverting clichés to question and find new opportunity.

Cliché; “blocket is only a place for me to buy and sell"

Invert to opportunity; "blocket can also be a place to socialise and create communities around interests"

Ideating from User Journey 

Ideating by mapping out the existing user journey and brainstorming on potential pain points. 

The user journey is short lived and disengaging. Lack of

trust is a pain point during 2nd-hand shopping online.


Feature One: Community Feature

Groups where fans can share content, makes blocket marketplace business model more defensible against other competitors(FB marketplace, groups). You can only join groups once you are logged in, the feature directly addressing the business goal of increasing log in ratio.

Unity is a core human feeling we get, both through interaction with other people(online or in person), or through sharing an interest. By adding groups for specific interests we aim to create a feeling of connection between people both through interaction with others, and through sharing a common interest. 

Personalised Feed

Feature two: Personalised Feed

A feed with content specialised for you, based on stuff you have liked, people and interests you follow.

A personalised feed attaches a ‘stored value’ within the users logged in experience. The time you have spent personalising your feed through your interests and following people tags and group feels like an investment in blocket. In the same sense that Spotify’s algorithm keeps me from changing to another streaming service – it’s just gotten to know me too well to let it go – I will not change from blocket to another online digital marketplace where I will need to start over putting in time before obtaining a compelling personal experience.

A look at the pages on “Arons” profile 

Feature Three:  User Profiles, Ratings and Reviews.

Arons profile has both the verified and ‘block omaniac’ ratings as green checkmark and red lighting bolt, respectively. Click the arrows to the right to see the other pages on Arons profile.  We decided to use profiles with information and a picture to help users identify each other enabling a sense of online empathy. Ratings gives proof of previous diligence. Combining both user profiles and a rating system we suddenly have enough to trust a stranger online.

For the rating we used two rating steps visible on the profile as two labels different labels. 'verified'(upon registration) and 'blockomaniac'(rating greater than 4 stars). These qualitative ratings solve the fear blocked had from scaring users away due to fear of getting a bad rating from one unlucky transaction. 

User Research

Interviewing to discover/validate ideas and opportunities.  


Katie 25


We can add value to

the logged in experience

through a community

"I love buying designer fashion at reduced prices.

…It would be great to have one place where I can meet others"


André 32


To Increase the trust

between users to meet

the need for trust in

online transactions.

“Ratings and reviews are important for me when I look for recipes.

…let alone when it comes to online transactions and security”


Yuliya 27


Creating a feature in

the logged in experi-

ence that incentivi-

ses to stay. 

“Blocket for me is more of a one night stand;

I sold something fast and forgot about it”

Feedback from Blocket